Our Story

A Lover of Cakes

Connie is the Chief Baker and owner. Her love for baking started in her mother’s kitchen, watching her put a bit of this and a bit of that into her mix. Connie became curious about those wonderful smells coming from the kitchen and that was the beginning of the journey.  She started baking her own cakes adding her own magical twist to create something special...


The carrot cakes are like precious babies.  From the day Connie discovered the recipe, she knew she could make it grow into something different, experimenting with a multitude of combinations of flavours and spices. 


Baking for Connie, comes from the heart,

It makes her smile to see people eating and enjoying her cakes.


Our goal is for customers to enjoy something different from our heart to yours.


“Connie's Cakes are Carrot cakes with a difference. trust me! They are not heavy, but light and very easy on the stomach. My personal favourite is her fruit flavour, which is absolutely delicious, followed very very closely by the chocolate flavour, which is to die for! Her cookies have turned me into a 'Cookie Monster' and always leave me wanting more. Mmmmm!
Connie's Cakes? Wicked!”

— Lurs


“Connie's Cakes are made with passion, joy and love... just like mum used to make!”

— Twanda Hill

“Your Peanut butter Cookies are delightful... you can't eat just one!”

— Maggie