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  • How do I order a cake from Connie’s Cake­s website?
    You can email or Call us on 07817611557 Calling us will be faster then emailing us!
  • How much are your cakes?­
    Our Prices vary and depend on the size of the cake, please Contact us for more details on: 07817611557
  • Can I order a cake for an event?­
    Yes! we do cakes for any occasion. We require the date and time of the event, for small events we need at least 2 weeks notice and for larger occasions such as corporate events we will need at least 1 months’ notice
  • Can I order a cake for Christmas?
    Yes! You can start placing your order from the 1st of December.
  • Do you make cupcakes?
    Yes! we have a minimum order of 12 with all the usual flavours.
  • Do all your cakes have carrot in it?
    Yes! All of our cakes are Carrot in nature, mixed with other flavours!
  • Do you make Vegan or gluten free Cakes?­
    Yes we are proud to say we have vegan, Gluten and Dairy free options!
  • If I order a cake how long will I have t­o wait for it?
    This will be arranged at the time of your order! Cakes can require up to 2 weeks’ notice at times depending on demand.
  • Do any of your cakes have nuts?­
    Our only cakes and cookies that have nuts are the peanut flavour and Nutella frosting which is posted on the labelling.
  • Who and Where are the cakes baked?
    Everything is backed by Connie of Connie's Cakes at her home in Coulsdon!
  • Can I interview you?
    Yes! Contact us!
  • Do you hire?
    No, we are not looking to hire anyone at this moment!
  • Can I order cakes for my restaurant /café?
    Yes! Please contact us!
  • Do you deliver? Where can I pick up my order?
    Cakes can be delivered for free within 1 mile from where we bake in Coulsdon! There will be a charge if you are more than a mile away. You can also chose to come and pick up your cake from us at one of the Markets we are at. Cakes can only be stored for a short while and this would have to be agreed at the time of your order
  • What should I do so that my cake will la­st long?
    Refrigerat them! If you do not plan to eat your cakes on the day of purchase you can put them in the fridge for up to two weeks when you are ready to eat allow the cake to stand for a few hours at room temperature. Then enjoy
  • Can I freeze your cakes?­
    You can freeze our cakes for up to 6 months! When you are ready to eat, take out overnight allow to defrost full before enjoying them!
  • Can cakes be microwaved?
    Yes especially the chocolate carrot cake no longer than 30 second then enjoy the soft gooey chocolate inside. However Please do not Microwave frozen Cakes.
  • How long do your cakes last?­
    Depends on how you have stored them. They can last for weeks if in the fridge and months if frozen.
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